We had a team meeting last Sunday, October 15, after service and many things were discussed; including projects, special cleaning, repairs, and meeting times. I feel we only need to meet either every other month or quarterly. Below is a list items discussed
- new "Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church" signs 
- the canopy for the doors over the basement patio needs repair or replace
- the carpet in the room that was cleaned out over Labor Day weekend needs to be torn out
- the East classroom needs a good dusting
- a tile in the basement kitchen is loose and needs to be glued back down
- there's always trash that needs to be picked up on the outside of the building (there's a reaching grabber in the basement storage room)
- signs for doors (custodial, storage, furnace, etc..)
If anyone would like to take on these projects or have any other projects that need attention, let me know, and of course if there is a cost involved it would need to be approved by the council.
Thank you
Tim Nagel
Building & Grounds Team Liaison