Rev. DanaLee Simon

Minister of Spiritual Direction for the Rocky Mountain Synod



DanaLee Simon

Hello!  My name is DanaLee Simon.

I am so glad you found your way to my page and hope it can be a resource for you as you journey in your spiritual life.  I am a Pastor in the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) and that role has often had me preaching and sharing where and how I have been led in my life with God.  While I love preaching, my training as a Spiritual Director has impressed on me the importance of inviting people into a practice of “saging” – of having one’s own, felt experience of the Holy One.  All of us are capable of this!  God is always at the ready to be present in your life.  Personally, I am on the journey of discovering ways that I can open more and more to that Presence.  This page seeks to invite you along on your own journey towards that awareness.

Along with living out my vocation as a Pastor and Spiritual Director, I am also a wife and mother to two wonderful boys!  I live in Salt Lake City, UT and love all the beauty of this place and the many opportunities to get out into Creation and enjoy all the gifts offered there.  My best days include a hike, snowshoe, paddle board, or bike ride.  I enjoy meeting a friend for coffee, snuggling with my boys, having friends around our table for dinner, and seeing live music or a movie.

Of course, these days don’t allow for some of these social connections as much.  The Coronavirus has ushered the whole world into a completely new experience of living and being - a threshold of sorts.  We can’t go back.  And the future seems very uncertain.  With all that is unknown in front of us, we can trust that God is with us, through it all.  Accompanying us in these days.  Grounding us in love, compassion, mercy, and grace.  Leading us forward. 

Please take a look at the other tabs found under “Spiritual Direction” on this page.  Each of them have ready and available resources for you to enjoy today.  My hope is that they will provide a way for you to explore deeply within yourself through reflection, prayer, meditation, and practices, and also that they will help you feel more connected to the Holy One who holds us all.  If you are looking for a more personal connection, I would love to explore the possibility of working with you one on one in Spiritual Direction, if that is something you are seeking, or helping you create a Group Spiritual Direction experience with friends or within your faith community.  Group Spiritual Direction is a wonderful way to deeply connecting to others and it works online and in person!  I also love leading retreats and would love to make myself available to a group from your spiritual community or social community either virtually or when we are able to gather in person again.

Many, many blessings on your journey.


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