"Blessings in the Storm."

                                           Help carry Tabor's banner in the UT Pride Parade, June 4 at 10am

                                           Help serve our homeless friends Tuesday June 13, 4:30-6:30 at St Vincent de Paul

                                           Celebrate Amelia Anne McMurtrey's baptism June 25!            



The Tabor Trumpet


A Monthly Newsletter of Mount Tabor Lutheran Church

"An inclusive compassionate community living God's love in the world."


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Page 2 Border Refliections from Our Synod Assembly
Page 3 Announcements and June Birthdays  
Page 4 Worship Assistant Schedule for June and July
Page 5 Baptismal Font
Page 6 Remembering in Prayer at Tabor
Page 7 Invitation to Family Promise Thank You Fiesta
Page 8 12 Step Meetings at Mt. Tabor
Page 9 Crossroads Urban Center FACE Hunger and Homelessness Update
page 10 Golden Celery Food Drive for Crossroads in July
Page 11 Solar Energy Update
Page 12 Treasurer's report



2023 Council Members

President:  Dave W. 

Vice President:  Dannie G.

Recording Secretary:  Jennfer M.-S.

Team Liasons

Worship and Music  Chris J.

Financial  Dave W.

Social Action  Casey W.

Building & Grounds Tim N..

Christian Ed/Kids and Families:  Virginia H.

Congregational Life  Becki K.