Faith and Science Jam by Dr. Lew Brown

Our July Faith and Science Jam is by Dr. Lew Brown, a long time member of Mount Tabor.  
He's written a brief intro for himself below:
Lew grew up in Pennsylvania, at the northern edge of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, close to the Anthracite Region of the Appalachian Mountains. His mother said he was always “inventing” something, taking things apart to see how they worked, doing “experiments”, or “exploring” in the mountains for days at a time. In the patriotic period after WWII, he became interested in the military, which led to his appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, graduating in 1962. Airborne and Ranger schools followed, before he joined the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii as an artillery officer, a forward observer, battery executive officer, battalion fire direction officer, aide-de-camp, and, as a Captain in a Colonel's position, Division Transportation Officer for Combat at Cu Chi in Viet Nam. His four years in the Army included 38 months of foreign service. He received a fellowship to attend the Space Research Coordination Center at the University of Pittsburgh, earning his PhD in Atomic and Plasma Physics, followed by post-doctoral work at the Stanford Research Institute. He was offered a permanent position there and became Assistant Director of the Mass Spectrometry Research Center before the allure of Silicon Valley drew him away from academic research and into the Semiconductor Industry. As often in life, it’s been a journey he could never have anticipated: soccer coach, Scout master, 4-H leader, skier, hiker, brewer, camper, musician...and – he's still exploring.