Faith and Science Jam by Sarah Lange

This Faith and Science Jam is by Sarah Lange a long time member at Mount Tabor. 
She's written a brief intro for herself below:

Sarah grew up in the rainy green world outside Seattle, Washington, where she enjoyed having woods in her backyard and lakes, rivers, mountains and an ocean nearby. In high school, she discovered the amazing world of genetics, and knew that was what she wanted to do “when she grew up”. She graduated from Western Washington University with a BS in Biology, and moved to Salt Lake City for graduate school. During her time in grad school, she started volunteering at what was then called the Utah Museum of Natural History (now the Natural History Museum of Utah), teaching 4th-graders who came to the Museum to explore science. At some point, her graduate advisor pointed out that she was more enthusiastic about her museum work than her research, and there was always a need for good science teachers. The advisor was right, so Sarah finished her Master’s Degree and dove into the world of Science Education. She taught high school science, teaching everything from biology to AP Chem (Advanced Placement chemistry, the equivalent to college chemistry), along with several electives. She even started a Marine Biology elective to teach marine biology to Utah kids, and, of course, a genetics elective. By this time, her volunteer work had morphed into teaching summer camps and other special events at the Museum. She currently teaches 8th-grade science at Hunter Junior High during the school year, while continuing to lead and write summer camps at the Museum. So somehow she manages to teach science to kids ranging from 2nd grade all the way through high school!

When she is not teaching, Sarah loves spending time in the outdoors: hiking, camping, swimming, kayaking, learning new things about the world, and being with family and friends. Inside, she enjoys reading, painting, sewing, games and puzzles, and spending time with family. Her house is run by her two cats: Dot and Buddy. (Just ask them!)

View Sarah's Video: