During the pandemic without services in person, we changed our methods and possibly even some of our views about collecting offerings. After some conversation in council and via email, we have decided that it should come back to our worship services. It is a time in our worship for consideration of our myriad God-given gifts and expression of our gratitude. I suggested that we may think about retitling this section in our bulletins to something like: "Sharing our Gifts and Gratitude” with plate passing, special music and prayer included. Over the years we’ve made church giving a different exercise for many, using credit cards or distributions once a year from retirement funds. These new methods are effective and are shown to increase giving by making it easier and more regular. As a church body, though, it is good to bring it back —  for the occasional visitor or newcomer with no set method of giving to consider their gratitude and others to quietly remember giving freely and thanking God for the blessings that allow us to give. ~ Deb Elstad, Mt. Tabor Financial Secretary