• Building Resource Bags for Homeless Youth Center
  • Shelving Assembly team for Family Promise
  • Sorting food for Utah Food Bank

Mount Tabor seeks to make our church a welcoming place for all!

As of community of people of God, we are called to minister to all people of our world, knowing that the world is often an unloving place. Our world is a place of alienation and brokenness. Christ calls us to reconciliation of healing within our society.

Mount Tabor's members are very active in both financial and volunteer support to local, national and worldwide charitable organizations. This support is broad-based and encompasses youth and campus ministry, hunger and housing programs. Tabor's lay-leadership and volunteerism is strong -- not many pew-sitters here!

Stewardship of All Things
At Mount Tabor we consider our Stewardship throughout the year.  Each quarter we focus on one aspect of how we care for important areas of our lives. We present opportunities for learning and renew our commitment to our Environment, our offerings of Time, Talent and Finances, and our Spiritual Journey of study, prayer and reflection.

Congregational Life
This committee plans and coordinates various fellowship outings and activities for the whole congregation that take place throughout the year.  

Social Action
This committee provides strong leadership volunteering, selecting and directing Mount Tabor's work and contributions to local, national and worldwide charities.  One of this small congregation's strengths is its participation and focus on charitable giving of time and resources.

Worship and Music
Music holds a significant and important place in worship at Mount Tabor Lutheran Church. The choir is the core ensemble at the church, providing choral anthems and other special music from September to May of each year. In addition to many members with special instrumental and vocal talents, Tabor has been blessed with an outstanding organist, Gordon Smith, who for over 40 years provides a special gift each Sunday to our worship services. 

Youth and Family
The youth are important to the life of the congregation and Mount Tabor continues to grow and encourage youth activities and participation in all aspects of ministry.  Education and inter-generational  activities are all a part of the vibrant life of Mount Tabor.

Buidling and Grounds
Building & Grounds are the caretakers of our physical facilities.  They regulary serve with monthly Work Days to maintain the gardens and common fellowship areas of the church.  They are also responsible for both major and minor repairs to the supplying some volunteer work and recommending outside suppliers to handle special projects.

Endowment and Memorials
Mount Tabor has an established Endowment & Memorials fund where twice annually congregation and council members are encouraged to submit proposals for distributing the interest of the fund's investments.  Recipients include significant on-going donations for educational scholoarships and to Habitat for Humanity, Crossroads Urban Center and Family Promise.