This is what God’s Love looks like in 2019!

Mount Tabor is a vibrant, urban church centered in enthusiastic, inspirational worship, grace-filled service, and rich opportunities for spiritual growth.  We find and create new opportunities to make a difference. As a congregation in downtown Salt Lake City we have a unique opportunity to both engage with the vibrant and growing neighborhoods around us, and to find creative ways to show God’s inclusive love for everyone.  In that spirit, we spent last summer brainstorming new ideas for ministry in our congregation and in the wider community. 

With an eye to the future, we have chosen two new ministry initiatives we hope will continue to expand our outreach. First, a Tabor App will be utilized and maintained to connect us with the wider community and with each other. Second, we will intentionally partner with the compassionate service providers at the new VOA Homeless Youth Resource Center downtown.

We are looking to generate our congregation’s loving support through prayers, people and action to make these initiatives real in 2019.  Our stewardship appeal has a goal of increasing our offerings by $5,000. These offerings will be used to continue our present ministries and to put these two new ministry initiatives into action. 

We invite you to read the letter that will come from our stewardship team soon, and to study the brochure that will be enclosed. Please consider prayerfully how you will respond to our invitation to increase your offering, and for the success of our shared effort. We trust that just as God’s grace has sustained our presence and ministry in this place for over 100 years, God’s love will continue to bless our offerings as they are used to advance the Way of Jesus everywhere!



We are thankful to all who give so generously in the spirit of gratitude to God.  The Tabor Church Council thanks Rebecca Noonan Heale for her continued  commitment and service as Tabor's treasurer!  Below we present a report of of income and expenses at Tabor for the past quarter.  Our hope is to continue to provide quarterly reports in the newsletter that help communicate  the health of the budget - both costs and income -  that help us Live God’s Love in the World throughout the year!  

January-September, 2018
Total Income:
$ 133,524.97
Total Expenses:
$ 130,010.46
$ 123,043.01