Join Us Sundays for Holy Communion at 10:30am in-person or on Facebook.  We are located at 175 South and 700 East in Salt Lake City.


At Mount Tabor we believe that living God’s love begins with the open invitation to all people to join us at the Meal that is central to our worship life. 

Inclusive, unconditional love meets us where Christ gives himself freely to us.  In the Meal of holy communion, we remember and celebrate Jesus’ sacrificial love that empowers our serving in the world.

For us, “grace” means that God meets us just as we are with joy and new life.  This is why we worship God together every week.

The Spirit of God has made an open invitation to meet us every week in this special way, in the Meal of grace.  All are invited.  All are welcome:  young and old, doubters and believers, seekers and disciples.  Our diversity at the Meal reflects the beauty of our Creator’s wisdom. 

Come celebrate with us and be empowered by God’s love for justice, peace, and community!  

Holden Evening Prayer in Advent begins Weds Nov 29 at 7pm
"His Natal Star" is the topic this year for Wednesday Evening Prayer.
 Natal means being present at the beginning or birth of something or someone.  A different speaker each week will share thoughts on how they've been present at the birth of another, or the birth of an idea, or the beginning of something.  
How was that experience meaningful?  Has it inspired your journey in some way, going forward?
Join us for wine, juice, and cheese refreshments afterward.  Invite a friend!
 "Negative Space"            by Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Before there was to be a beginning
there had to be a time for it.
Who knows how long,
that abyss of longing?
And then when Your longing deepened to fullness,
having made a time for it,
You made a space for an Other,
and having nothing beyond Yourself
with which to make a space
You made space in Yourself,
an absence making room for us,
which we complain about bitterly,
not understanding that the absence
is what allows 
and which in fact,
if we so dare to make a space in ourselves—
thus, like you, becoming both less and more—
we enter into, which we call prayer,
and perhaps even faith, or at least love:
to make room in ourselves for another.


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