Youth and Family Activities

Our June activity was a self-guided tour of the Tracy Aviary on Saturday June 18. We had the following in attendance:

Cal and Bo Simon with Danalee and Kirk (mom and dad)

Malachi with Nyawin (mom) and Deng (Grandpa)

Micah and Havala with Bret (dad)

Oliver with Annie (mom)

Soren with Kirstin (mom)

With myself included we had seven youth and eight adults. By pre-arranging a self-guided tour we were able to get a discounted admission rate.  It was a great trip as the group migrated from one exhibit to another and ended up by the picnic tables and play ground.  After a rousing game of “Birds in the Bible” trivia we dispersed to the playground and then departed.


Respectfully submitted,

Chris Jensen

Youth and Family