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Council now Meeting in Person with the option of Zoom attendance as well!  The next council meeting is scheduled for Sunday November 21st.after church.

Marilyn Eskridge has a new address.  She has moved to Southern California to live with her granddaughter Amy, Amy's husband Billy and their two little boys Deen and Luke.  Her address is 28873 Klamath Ct.  Santa Clarita CA 91390. We surround her with our prayers in this transition.  Please reach out with your cards and letters. 

We rejoice with Dan Wall in his recent diagnoses of "cancer free"!  God is good.  Thanks be to God!

The Mt Tabor Endowment and Memorials Committee will be meeting November 7th to consider donations to agencies outside of Mt. Tabor. If you have any organizations that you wish to request we support, please tell Dave Warren, put a note in our mailbox slot by the office, or send an e-mail to eandm@mttaborslc.org.
Dave Warren, E&M Chair

Prayer Requests:  If you have someone you'd like to add to the prayer list, please email Brenda at office@mttaborslc.org

Utah Food Bank food sorting opportunity on the first Saturday of each month:   There are no longer any restrictions on volunteers.  Anyone over the age of 12 is eligible to volunteer.  Casey says, "I volunteered there on Feb 6th and noted that they are taking all possible precautions to ensure a safe experience."
Below are the dates for the year.
Saturday, November 6th 10:00AM – 12:00PM for 5 Volunteers
Saturday, December 4th 10:00AM – 12:00PM for 5 Volunteers
November Birthdays
   9   Tom K.                                       18  Shem G.. 
 10    Patrick C., Regina R.             22   Shayna W.  
 13    Jean S., Michael W,               23  Ayla H.
 17    David W.                                         


Congregation Council

Is meeting in-person and Zoom following Worship Sunday, November 21st.

Utah Food Bank    

We will be sorting food at the Utah Food Bank November 6th 10am-Noon.