• Sharing the Peace
All in-person Mount Tabor activities for the month of May have been suspended. We are in contact with Bishop Jim Gonia of the Rocky Mountain Synod, and our own Utah Department of Health for the latest updates on how we as a congregation can participate in the mitigation of this epidemic.  Thank you for living God's love in this important way!

Worship services from Mount Tabor:  Please see the Mount Tabor Facebook page for the "Sunday Roundtable Reflections" post, where you can view the livestream worship from Tabor every Sunday at 10:30am.  
Virtual Small Groups:  Deb Elstad is forming small groups for members of Mount Tabor to visit with each other, using the Zoom meeting platform that you can use on your cellphone or laptop.  If you'd like to join one of these groups, please send an email to Pastor David at pastor@mttaborslc.org
Your Financial Support for Tabor:   Thank you so much to all of you who have been generously supporting Mount Tabor's ministry in these extraordinary times.  Your gifts of time, abilities, and money are a blessing not only to us but also to our mission partners like the Veterans Affairs Fisher House in Salt Lake, and the Rocky Mountain Synod.  Please visit our new webpage "Ways to Give" created by the volunteer efforts of Tabor's Deb Elstad.  She has made it possible for us to now give our offerings through eCredit and eChecking.  You can always mail your offering check to the church, where it is being recorded and deposited as usual. Thank you for your faithful support.  We are Tabor!
Visit the Mount Tabor website homepage for links to on-line devotional sites, and our own "Video Vespers" page.
We Have a challenge providing TRIPLE benefits for Mount Tabor!

1) Give and Sustain;
2) Streamline time and effort;
3) Tabor is gifted up to $900

Sign up for eGiving in the month of May at www.mttaborslc.org/give and make it easier for you to give and sustain our missions and ministries.  eGiving also streamlines the time and effort to process our offerings now in the time of COVID and for the future. eGiving is safe and secure and lets you set up recurring and one-time online giving through the church website using a credit card or eCheck through your bank.

Here's the Challenge: For every 10 new signups, three generous donors have pledged $300. That's right. If we get as many as 30 new signups, Mount Tabor receives an extra $900 in new donations!

This move to eGiving has immediate and long lasting benefits for our community. Accept the challenge and signup for eGiving in May.

Please feel free to contact Deb Elstad (deb.elstad@gmail.com) if you have questions about eGiving.  Thank you!
May Birthdays

  1   Joshua Hansen, Lydia Smith

  2   Havalah Heale

  5   Vilah Peterson

  9    Soren Nichols, Leslie Whited

14    Eric Jensen

16    Signe Nichols

19    Cheyne Warren

21    Deb Elstad

24    Kirstin Maanum

26    Connor Stone

30    Jason Wyasket

31    Tiffany Hansen  





Congregation Council

Council is meeting online.

Utah Food Bank    

We will be sorting food at the Utah Food Bank on Saturday, May 2nd.  But the rules have changed only healthy people between the ages of 12 and 59 will be allowed to sort food until further notice.  

Mount Tabor Deadlines

The Tabor Trumpet deadline is the 20th of the month. Weekly bulletin information and announcements need to be in the office by Wednesday.