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Virtual Small Groups:  Deb Elstad is forming small groups for members of Mount Tabor to visit with each other, using the Zoom meeting platform that you can use on your cellphone or laptop.  If you'd like to join one of these groups, please send an email to Pastor David at pastor@mttaborslc.org(link sends e-mail)
Prayer Requests:  If you have someone you'd like to add to the prayer list, please email Brenda at office@mttaborslc.org
Epiphany Zoomfest with the Rocky Mountain Synod, Sunday January 10th at 9am on Zoom.  Worship with all the congregations of the Synod that morning! Link for the Zoomfest will be emailed in the week before.
Annual Meeting of the congregation will be on Zoom Sunday February 7th after worship.  Please email all reports to Brenda by Friday January 29th.
Our deepest gratitude to Rebecca and Bret Heale for all their volunteer efforts as Treasurer and assistant over the past few years that kept God's financial stewardship first and foremost for us at Mount Tabor.  We are so blessed by all your time, sacrifice, and ability that leaves us in a wonderful position for the start of the New Year!  God bless you and your family always for your wonderful gift of service in Christ.
New Treasurer at Mount Tabor:  We welcome and give thanks for Sharon Heightman who is taking over the position of treasurer this month.  Sharon brings a wealth of experience and talent with her, and we pray God's blessings upon her in her new role with our congregation. 
Save Your 2020 Offering Envelopes
As a cost-saving measure, 2021 offering envelopes were not purchased. If you make cash or check offerings to Mount Tabor, please save and use your leftover 2020 offering envelopes in 2021. If you have no leftover envelopes, contact Brenda at office@mttaborslc.org to request a box of 2020 envelopes that has not been assigned to another member. 
The dates printed on your offering envelopes are not important, but the number in the upper corners is linked to your name in our accounting software. This number is used to track your gifts and ensure that they are credited to you, so that Brenda can provide you an accurate year-end statement for your records and tax purposes. For those reusing leftover envelopes or receiving a box of reassigned 2020 envelopes, Brenda and the counters will make sure that your offerings for this year are properly attributed.
If you donate through the e-giving link on Mt. Tabor’s website or through automatic withdrawal (Simply Giving), you typically do not use or need envelopes. However, your assigned offering envelope number is still linked to your name for accounting purposes. Don’t pass your leftover envelopes on to another member, or their gifts may be misattributed.
January Birthdays
  1    Deng 
  4    Margaret
  6    Jacob 
  9    Mallory 
10    Leslie 
14    Robin 
19    Barbara 
23    Susan 
25    Campbell 
26    Nathan and Mark 
30    Dannie  



Congregation Council

Council is meeting online.

Utah Food Bank    

There will be no sorting food at the Utah Food Bank until furthuer notice.