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May 2021
Treasurer’s Report
INCOME AND EXPENSES: I have attached the statement of income and expenses for April 2021.
April 2021 income: $10,334. The offering income was $10,334 Projected amount is ($13,000). Year to
date: Total Income $69,093.97. This is 132.87% of projected amount.
Our expenses in April were $11,339.59. Notable expenses include the Spring clean-up of the parking
lot plus dump fee, (605.00).
I have paid the YWCA $290.00 and sent with their documentation so they know what it is.I have put a
stop payment on the first check.
While the April Income did not meet Budget, we are still Year-to-date in the black with $16,922.21.
Financial Report for Newsletter
We are thankful to all who give generously in spirit of gratitude to God. Below we present a report of
of income and expenses at Mt. Tabor the past quarter. Our hope is to continue to provide quartely
reports in the newsletter that help communicate the health of the budget - both costs and income -
that help us Live God’s Love in the World throughout the year.
January- April, 2021
Projected Actual
Total Income*: $52,000.00 $69,093.97
Total Expenses: $59,415.91 $52,244.63


* Some parishioners gave a yearly donation in Januarytotaling 19,000.00.


As of 5/10, Mt Tabor's checking account has a balance of $33,484.89.

Monthly expenses are about $12,000-$13,000 ($5000 payroll, $1700 benefits, benevolence to the
synod, bills, which are down).

The dedicated savings account has $16,588.65 in it.


These numbers about dedicated accounts were updated as of May 10th.

Capital Reserve $ 6467.09
Youth Dedicated Acct $ 2,346.75
Mt. Tabor Scholarship $ 2,057.00
Food Assistance $ 1,4012.05
Emergency Assistance Fund $ 3,085.20
Faith & Science Conference $ 880.92
Music Program $ 450.10
Retreat $ 2,184.50
Total Designated to Programs: $ 20,614.62
Total in Bank $ 33,484.89
Excess Amount in Designated Bank Account $ 7,928.06

In March there were $50 in contributions to Scholarships; there were $50 in contributions to the Food Assistance Program, and $75 in contributions) to the Emergency Assistance Program

Here is a list of all donations given through Mt Tabor in from Feb 15th – March 15th

YWCA $ 100

Emergency Assistance Program: $75

Food Assistance Program: $1,110

Scholarships: $25


I have been coming in once per week to pay bills and do other treasurer tasks. There are two files in the
office, one of information sent by Brenda to the church printer (the records she normally prints. Thank
you to the counters for coming in.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Heightman