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Below is a brief summary of our financial stewardship as of March 1, 2021. Thank you for your sustaining generosity that enables us to live God's love in the world.
Year to Date Offerings:  $41,661            2021 Budgeted Offerings:  $156,000
Year to Date Expenses:  $25,138           2021 Budgeted Expenses:  $170,598
Special designated Offerings: 
2021 Mount Tabor Scholarship Fund:  $2,032
Emergency Assistance Fund:             $1,950
YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter:           $40
Rocky Mountain Synod:                     $1,210          2021 Budgeted Offering for Synod:  $7,800
If you would like to contribute to our shared ministry from your financial blessings, you are invited to visit 
Thank You!