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                                        September Financial Report
We are thankful to all who give generously in spirit of gratitude to God. Below we present a report of
of income and expenses at Mt. Tabor up to July 2021. 
January- July, 2021
                           Projected      Actual
Total Income*: $   91,000.00       $105,986.97
Total Expenses: $100,603.08      $93,786.74
* Some parishioners gave a yearly donation in January totaling 19,000.00.
As of 8/12, Mt Tabor's checking account has a balance of $32,428.00. Savings has $16,609.66.
Monthly expenses are about $12,000-$13,000 ($5000 payroll, $1700 benefits, benevolence to the
synod, and bills).
Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Heightman