Our 2021 Ministry Initiative Winner is:
                                              The YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter!

                                      Thank you to everyone who voted this year!                     



The Tabor Trumpet


A monthly Newsletter of Mount Tabor Lutheran Church

"An inclusive compassionate community living God's love in the world."

175 South 700 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102 | 801.328.0521 | www.mttaborslc.org


Page 2 Pastoral Ponderings  
Page 3 Announcements; November birthdays and Monthly Energy Report    
Page 4 Online Advent Retreat  
Page 5 Tabor's Generosity in Our Synod  
Page 6 Faith and Science Jam by Cheyne Warren  
Page 7 Faith and Sports by Eric Jensen  
Page 8 Family Promise Update  
Page 9 Candy Cane Corner 2020 Donation  
Page 10 A video message from Bishop Gonia  
Page 11 Mount Tabor Financial Report  


Mount Tabor Lutheran Church is an active and cohesive community of faith in downtown Salt Lake City. We're proud to be a Reconciling in Christ congregation, welcoming and affirming of all of God's people.


Congregational Council

Sarah Lange

Harry Heightman
Vice President

Mallory deForest

Shayna Wyasket
Worship and Music

Leslie Carey

Tom Kusserow
Communication and Outreach

Liz Kuhlman
Social Action

Philip Goard
Building and Grounds

Jenny Jensen
Youth and Family

Tim Nagel
Congregational Life

Bret Heale & Rebecca Noonan Heale