Kids and Families Epiphany Party, 11:30am Sunday January 8
                    PPAU Amicus Brief forum, 9am January 15
                  Tabor Vision Team meeting, 7pm January 24



The Tabor Trumpet


A Monthly Newsletter of Mount Tabor Lutheran Church

"An inclusive compassionate community living God's love in the world."


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Page 3 Announcements and January Birthdays  
Page 4 Worship Assistant Schedule for January and February
Page 5 Zoom Conversation Reflecting on Pandemic Experiences
Page 6 Jennifer Miller-Smith A Visioning Devotion
Page 7 Solar Array Energy Update


Mount Tabor's mission is to be "an inclusive, compassionate community of faith, living God's love in the world."



Congregational Council

Sarah Lange

Tim Nagel
Vice President

Jennifer Miller-Smith
Recording Secretary

Dannie Gavros
Worship and Music

Leslie Carey
Christian Education

Casey White
Social Action

Harry Heightman
Building and Grounds

Chris Jensen
Youth and Family

Becki Kaiser
Congregational Life

Sharon Heightman