"Renewed by God's Love"

                              Annual Meeting, Sunday, February 2nd 
                          Mardi Gras Pancake Party, February 25, 6pm
                                 Ash Wednesday, February 26, 7pm



The Tabor Trumpet



A Monthly Newsletter of Mount Tabor Lutheran Church

"An inclusive compassionate community living God's love in the world."

175 South 700 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102 | 801.328.0521 | www.mttaborslc.org



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Page 3 Letter from Pastor DanaLee  
Page 4 Invitation to Pastor DanaLee's Installation  
Page 5 Announcements and February Birthdays    
Page 6 Worship Assistant Schedule for February and March  
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Mount Tabor Lutheran Church is an active and cohesive community of faith in downtown Salt Lake City. We're proud to be a Reconciling in Christ congregation, welcoming and affirming of all of God's sons and daughters.

*Congregational Council

Dave Warren

Harry Heightman

Mallory deForest

Sarah Lange

Leslie Carey

Dean Hansen

Jenny Jensen

Liz Kuhlman

Shayna Wyasket

Tom Kusserow

Bret Heale & Rebecca Noonan Heale


*New council members will be elected at our annual meeting this month