As part of Stewardship for All Seasons, Mt. Tabor is committing to a stewardship program which benefits Mt. Tabor directly and also an outreach program in the community. Members voted this summer for the projects they wished to support. Thanks to everyone who voted!


This is what Love looks like!

Because of a grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc., Mount Tabor was blessed in 2018 to participate in the Stewardship for all Seasons campaign for 2019. Many of you were so creative in brainstorming many ideas all summer long. It came down to the votes for Homeless Youth Resource Center and the development of a Mount Tabor app. 

There is a spirit of welcome, generosity and innovation here as we live and spread God’s love here in Salt Lake City!

Our goal of $5000.00 has already been met. Wow! Who knows how God can multiply His ministry here in this place! Let’s continue to dream big!

Thank you! Thank you!

For The World's Well-being

Homeless Youth Resource Center

For Mt. Tabor’s Well-being

“Welcome to SLC” Tabor App