After 25 years, Steve Lindeman is retiring as a Professor of Music at BYU, Provo. His work "Homage to a Son" was premiered on Ash Wednesday, February 17th at BYU.

Here's the link to the performance: Homage to a Son

"I was hired to teach “classical” music theory courses for music majors (harmony, form, voice leading, notation, analysis), etc., but was then asked to teach jazz piano, jazz history, jazz analysis, world music, orchestration, and played in the faculty jazz quintet (Q’d up) for many years, writing and arranging a lot of music for them.

One of my kids is a serious musician, accomplished on violin and piano, and a lover of the harp, and they encouraged me for many years to write something for those instruments, which I have never done.  So the “Homage” is to that child for the inspiration and encouragement, as well as an “homage” to the composers that have influenced me, and who I studied in my dissertation on the concerto, with quotes from Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Saint-Saëns, Brahms, as well as Herbie Hancock and other jazz things."

Steve and his wife Sharon Kessinger are members of our congregation at Mount Tabor.  Sharon is retired artist who has created beautiful artwork for our sanctuary.  Steve says that his latest work is "maybe the musical highlight of my life."

Making art and music is living God's love in the world.

Thanks for sharing your gift with us Steve!