Vice President Report

June 2021


Recently our church was violated. Pastor David’s office was physically broken into and some classroom doors that were supposed to be locked were left ajar. It appears that nothing has been stolen, but the trust of our congregation has been broken. Our conclusion is that a key from an outside group was used to access the building. Therefore, all the locks have been changed and no new keys will be given to outside groups.

Our church would still like to host outside groups as part of our community service, but we are implementing a new protocol for this to happen.

We are looking for church members to volunteer their time to “sponsor” a meeting. In essence this would require the church member to unlock the door, stay on the premises for the meeting and then lock up. The church member doesn’t have to attend the meeting but simply be on-site.

In light of the security of our church, and our trust, we are starting a Capital Campaign to upgrade to a keyless entry system. These systems can be costly. One estimate we received is $3,200. Other estimates will be forthcoming. Donations for this campaign can be made by specifying the amount on your giving method.

In conclusion, if you are willing to offer your time to sponsor a meeting, please contact Brenda and also please donate.

Thank you.


Tim Nagel

Vice President

Mount Tabor Lutheran Church