I am pleased to report that the Scholarship Program has just passed its initial goal of having $2,000 available for scholarships this summer. We started with a holdover of $1,300 from 2017 so it is important that, if the program is continue beyond this year, we continue to build for future years and have some sort of reserve left over after this year’s awards are made. If you have not yet supported the program and would like to do so please feel free to continue contributing in 2018.
For potential scholarship applicants this is also a reminder that applications are due by the end of June. Please go to the church web site and look for the April edition of the Tabor Trumpet where you will find a link to all the information needed to apply.
Michael King for the Scholarship Committee

Operation Christmas Child 

A doll. Dental floss. A toothbrush. A toy car. Every item lovingly added to shoebox gift has the potential to influence a child. Look up Operation Christmas Child stories online—there are so many stories of the difference these gifts can make. A shoebox isn’t just a shoebox and these gifts are not just gifts. They are a tangible way for God to show His love for children all around the world. Here is just one story: Olesea was a 5 year old girl in the village of Moldova, Soviet Union. She received her shoebox at a church. The thing that stood out to her was a pack of colorful markers. She couldn’t take her eyes off them. There were so many colors. She didn’t know some of the colors even existed. The markers her family had at home were all dried out. They would dip them in water to make them last longer. God used her shoebox to show her that He really loved her. It showed her that God does answer prayer. God became real and personal to her. Olesea and her family moved to the US in 2003 and she is now a nurse. She packs shoeboxes herself to bring joy and happiness to others.

Hygiene items are the item of the month for May: combs, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, washcloths, bar soap, bandaids, etc. No toothpaste, however.

Thanks, everyone.

Jean Stephenson

Quarterly Update

We are thankful to all who give generously in spirit of gratitude to God.  The Tabor Church Council thanks Rebecca Noonan Heale for her continued  commitment and service as Tabor treasurer.  Below we present a report of of income and expenses at Mt. Tabor the past quarter.  Our hope is to continue to provide quartely reports in the newsletter that help communicate  the health of the budget - both costs and income -  that help us Live God’s Love in the World throughout the year.  

January-March, 2018




Total Income:



Total Expenses:




*  Some parishioners gave a yearly donation in January.  In the income figures above, we have prorated these offerings.


Mission Support

$107.80 ELCA World Hunger
$5000 Endowment Gift (will go towards the Capital Improvement Reserve)
$300 Scholarship
$1402 Lenten Offerings for Cristo Rey Lutheran Church in El Paso.
$100 Food Assistance Program