2018 Scholarship Fund and Fund Drive
Below you will note information on how to apply for a scholarship if you are planning to go on to Post- High School education this fall or are continuing in such a program. Last year we awarded 3 scholarships of $1,000 each and we have hopes of doing something similar this year.

So it is time to start topping up the Scholarship Fund. At present we have ~$1,300 in the fund so we have quite a way to go to get to our base $2,000 target. To those of you interested in supporting the fund we offer you various suggestions on how you might contribute –a one time donation, weekly donations added to your church envelope or wait until Michael King sidles up to you at coffee hour after church and threatens to twist your arm!  Actually, all we ask is that you prayerfully consider supporting the fund and make your contributions between now and the end of June.

The sooner we receive donations into the fund the better the Scholarship Committee will be able to set realistic goals for the number of scholarships. From this point on the amount sitting in the fund will be published monthly in the Tabor Trumpet so you will have a good idea of how we are doing.

We look forward to another successful Scholarship Fund drive.

Grace and Peace,

Michael King for the Scholarship Fund Committee

CORC Update
The Coalition of Religious Communities (CORC) was active throughout the recent Legislative Session which ended in mid-March. The focus was almost entirely on getting the state portion of sales tax on food removed. A bill to this end passed the House and made it to Senate Committee where it was defeated 4-2 and not brought to the floor for full discussion.

This was a better result than expected and it is hoped that in the 2019 Session this bill will make it to the full Senate for a vote. It is important to realize that one year ago it was proposed that the food tax should be raised to the full general sales tax so things are now progressing in the right direction.

It was hoped that the Legislature would act on issuing a $100 million bond for affordable housing but was this sent for further study before being brought to the 2019 Legislature.

Mount Tabor members participated actively in support of CORC at the Legislative Session.

Michael King

Operation Christmas Child 2018

Every shoebox gift makes such a difference and each one you pack is a HUGE BLESSING!!

Here is an excerpt from a story about a 10 year old girl, Tania, who received a shoebox gift in Romania. She and her sister didn’t usually receive gifts, even at birthdays and Christmas. Through a shoebox, she learned that there are people who love Jesus enough to give special gifts to children they haven’t even met. Tania is now in the U.S. since 2003 and is a high school special education teacher.

Theme for April is little stuffed animals.

Thanks for all you do,

Jean Stephenson