Invitation to Participate in the World’s Oldest Virtual Ministry

We have, of late, had to figure out how to do all kinds of things remotely.  We have virtual meetings and virtual fundraisers, virtual family reunions and even virtual church services.  But there is one thing that people of faith have ALWAYS done wirelessly.  Pray.

Please consider joining our Prayer Ministry group.  Now, as much as ever, we can use your help to hold up the needs of our friends and family at Mount Tabor in prayer.  It’s easy to do, physically distanced and sanitary.  Just send me your e-mail address and we will add you to our group of faithful practitioners of prayer.  When a prayer request is received, we will let you know that a person needs your prayers.  Hold each person and their petition in prayer.  Set aside some time during your morning meditation. Light a candle.  Take a moment at a stop light or over a cup of coffee; whatever works for you.  I can tell you as one who has been on the receiving end of intercessory prayer that it can be palpable.

Remember that whether or not you choose to join the Prayer Ministry, if you know of a person who could use our prayers, please send their names and the reason they need our support (if that doesn’t betray a trust or confidentiality) and the members of the Prayer Ministry will be contacted.

Stephanie Wilson

Cell/Text         801-580-8320