Siblings in Christ, our treasurer, Rebecca Noonan-Heale, will complete her term as treasurer at the end of this year. We are currently looking for candidates to be our new treasurer. The treasurer makes sure the bills are paid and the bank accounts are balanced. This typically requires 1-3 hours per week for a three-year term. A good treasurer exhibits the following skills:

  • Willingness to learn and use Mt. Tabor’s financial software
  • Comfortable with basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentages) using calculator tools
  • Attention to detail (making sure numbers are transferred correctly, the correct category is assigned, and things like that)
  • Keeping track of and completing weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks
  • Perfectionism and perseverance (if things are not working out, figure out why and fix it)
  • Being able to use Microsoft Excel is helpful
  • Knowing when to ask questions and get help from past treasurers
  • Being able to update the council and congregation about the church's financial picture in written and oral reports

If you would be interested in filling this crucial role in our congregation, or if you know someone you think would be a good candidate, please contact the church office, Pastor David, or any member of the Church Council.