Mt Tabor is scheduled to provide meals on June 29, July 1 and July 3, next week. Please read the following message and thanks in advance if you are able to provide a meal!! Barb Moore
The Family Promise staff have decided that the guest families will stay at Christ United Methodist Church for the rest of the year, in an effort to minimize the risk of COVID-19. 
The meals can be dropped off at Christ United Methodist Church at 2375 East 3300 South Salt Lake City.
The guest families are used to cleaning up and washing dishes after meals, and for the most part, meals have been dropped off. If you have been missing the physical community of church, or wanting a way to help out during the time of COVID-19, but you need to minimize contact with other folks, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Meals do not need to be fancy; they just need to come from the heart! 
Please look at the Sign Up sheet here and see what you may be able to do:
Thank you to those who have already signed up! God bless you for all your support of Family Promise.
I will provide more details about the CUMC facilities in the next few days.
Levy Woodruff