YOAKS is "Young & Older Adults Knowing Strength" at Tabor. YOAKS is for everyone!
YOAKS is an opportunity for fellowship, learning, service and fun for anyone who wants a daytime faith-based experience.
We hope to be an entry-point for guests, friends, and newcomers to our congregation.
We'll meet the third Tuesday of each month for lunch and fellowship with an eye toward learning, fun, and service.
Join us for lunch at noon on Tuesday November 15, hosted by Jean Stephenson, Bruce Palenske, and Pastor David.  Please RSVP to Pr David by November 8.
In December, YOAKS is starting a 9:30am Bible Study group hosted by Regina Reed and Pr David on Tuesday December 6th.  Coffee and rolls will be provided.
YOAKS will also host a lunch on Tuesday December 20th at noon, hosted by Bill Besancon, Becki Kaiser, and Pastor David.  Please RSVP to Pr David by Dec 13.j

Hope to see you and your friends at these events!