Financial Report for Newsletter

We are thankful to all who give generously in spirit of gratitude to God.  The Tabor Church Council thanks Rebecca Noonan Heale for her continued  commitment and service as Tabor treasurer.  Below we present a report of of income and expenses at Mt. Tabor the past quarter.  Our hope is to continue to provide quartely reports in the newsletter that help communicate  the health of the budget - both costs and income -  that help us Live God’s Love in the World throughout the year.  

April-June, 2020




Total Income*:



Total Expenses:




*  Some parishioners gave a yearly donation in January.  In the income figures above, we have prorated these offerings.


This is a story from Stephanie Wilson.  

“When I was dropping food off at church on Tuesday, I got to thinking about the world hunger jar and if it had any money in it.  This was, in part, because my brother lives in a low-income apartment not far from church and needs quarters to do laundry.  Apparently, the lack of cash transactions during COVID 19 has made it so coins aren't circulating normally in the economy.  So I did find $98.25 in the jar.  I deposited it in the General Church account.  When I drove up to the window at Zion's and asked if I could deposit a gallon zip lock bag full of coins and a bit of paper money.  The teller's face looked like he'd won the lottery.  He was grateful to have the cash.”