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Update from Family Promise SLC Board of Directors
Dear Congregations and Supporters of Family Promise - SLC, 
I just wanted to update you on the current status of Family Promise. 
We have reconstituted the Board of Directors (currently we have 8 members but are looking to add two more next week) representing a variety of churches.
We will be advertising for a new Executive Director beginning on December 1 and hope to hire someone by the end of December or the first few weeks of January. 
We have three families who are in the rental units above the Day Center and in a Duplex. 
We have sold one duplex for appx. $329,000 (it had no mortgage) and are in the process of selling the Red House (it is listed for $246,000 with a $135,000 mortgage). This will allow us to have working capital and enable us to hire a new Director and let them begin to staff the program in the first quarter of 2021. 
We are receiving guidance from the Family Promise National organization as we start back up again. 
One employee, Mike Snow, has been rehired to attend to the properties, families still in the apartments, and the families in the Follow Up Program. 
We have arranged for Thanksgiving boxes to be given to 12 families and Christmas boxes/gifts have been donated for the same families. 
Once the new Executive Director is hired, plans will be made to reconstitute the program but with the Pandemic still with us, we'll need to wait to see exactly how the churches can assist and where the families will be housed. 
Rev. Russell V. Butler