Faith, Science, Ethics Roundtable for January

The Roundtable will meet Monday, November 27th from 11:30am to 1pm in Room 117 of the Research Administration Bldg at the University of Utah

The topic for our discussion is "Where does consciousness originate?  What is the Mind?  Are these what philosophy and theology call the Soul?"

Dr. Gary Peterson is a retired psychiatrist in Salt Lake City.  He will be helping us address these questions, referencing Antonio Damasio's latest book Self Comes to Mind:  Constructing the Conscious Brain.  Gary is a practicing Buddhist, and will share his insights from that tradition as well.
Please read the article below by Sunil Pandya in preparation for our discussion:
"When the deeper parts of the brain came within the reach of neurosurgeons, the brainstem proved exceptionally delicate and vulnerable. The concept of brain death after irreversible damage to it has made all of us aware of ‘the cocktail of brain soup and spark’ in the brainstem so necessary for life. If there be a soul in each of us, surely, it is enshrined here." -- Sunil Pandya
Dr.Sunil Pandya is a neurosurgeon and thinker on medical ethics. He is Editor Emeritus, Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, and works at the Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai.