Dear People of the Utah Conference of the Rocky Mountain Synod,
I am writing to share that I am under call again as a Pastor in the ELCA.  Some of you may remember that I served the people at Elim Lutheran in Ogden for many years.  I left that call several years ago to pursue getting certified as a Spiritual Director.  This past Fall, I worked with Bishop Jim Gonia and Pastor David Nichols and the Council at Mt. Tabor, to be under call again as a Minister of Spiritual Life within our Synod, our UT Conference, and the World.  Mt. Tabor has graciously offered to be my host congregation, but I am not their Pastor.  Rather, my work is and will be to serve people in all our congregations in various ways.  Some of these ways include one on one spiritual direction, retreats, classes, pulpit supply, resource for contemplative spirituality and self-compassion.  There are things I will be initiating (For example, I am leading a 7-week course on Richard Rohr’s book, The Universal Christ, right now.).  I also hope there are things that each congregation will initiate to which I might be invited into.  I kind of think of myself as an “a la carte” Pastor and resource for our Conference.  No one congregation is responsible for any compensation for me.  I get paid for the ministry I do, typically by the people who receive the ministry I offer in each circumstance.
This is a bit different model for a Pastor than we are all used to and I am excited to wade into these waters and see how my call evolves over time.  I am grateful for your partnership in exploring this with me.  Please, do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, and, certainly if you want to talk about doing some ministry together.
Pastor DanaLee Simon