Coalition of Religious Communities update:

Utah's big housing affordability bill, SB 39, was approved by the Senate last week and by a committee of the Utah House of Representatives this morning. This bill would create over 2,000 affordable apartments and be the biggest action on housing affordability ever taken by state government in Utah. Please take a minute to reach out to your specific Representative from the House and ask them to support SB 39 when it reaches the House floor. If you do not know who your Representative is you can find out here:
You can also send a message through this web portal on the Legislative website:
Last week the Salt Lake Tribune printed this story about the eviction and debt collection practices of a state senator in Utah. It is so important that eviction proceedings are fair and lawful. Eviction proceedings, and the debt that arise from them, can make it very hard for a family to find a new place to live. National data shows that two of the biggest factors that correlate with eviction are being a victim of domestic violence and having minor children living in the home. When the legislative session ends we will be spending some time studying the role eviction and debt play in child homelessness in Utah. Do you have nan interest in helping us to investigate this topic?
Bill Tibbitts, Director
Coalition of Religious Communities