Building and Grounds


Two projects received attention by B&G during April.

First, the floor in the narthex was stripped of (most) old wax and refinished. Duane Lee and Harry Heightman stripped the floor during a six-hour work session and the following day Harry applied two coats of finish.

Secondly, Harry met with a representative of Kimball Roofing in order to get a bid on repairing the hanging soffit panel on the south side of the church. I’ve attached their quote. The breakdown of the estimate appears to be:

Re-attaching the existing panel with 2 or 3 nails                            50.00

Renting equipment to reach the hanging panel                       2,000.00

 This report comes with a recommendation:

Duane researched the cost of renting a “boom bucket", also known as a “cherry picker”, and found that it runs just over $400.00 per day. The recommendation is that we postpone action until Duane returns from his summer in Montana at which time we can rent the device and make the repairs ourselves.

Respectfully submitted,

Harry Heightman

April 20, 2022