Building and Grounds

In addition to routine maintenance and repairs, several projects came under the heading of Building and Grounds in 2021. These are mentioned in other reports as well as here.

To increase security for the east parking lot and to discourage people from “camping out” on the downstairs patio, new, high-intensity lighting was added to both areas. As a result, there are unconfirmed reports that Mt. Tabor can now be seen from the International Space Station.

After an unauthorized entry into the building and subsequent vandalism to Pastor David’s office door, all outside door locks were re-keyed. We also added keyless entry door locks to the downstairs patio door and one of the main level classroom doors. Building keys as well as security codes are closely monitored. These actions were part of a new protocol for outside groups using Mt. Tabor.

Under VP Tim Nagel’s supervision, the basement meeting area has been painted and the carpeting on the stage replaced. It is now a much more attractive and welcoming part of our spiritual home.

Your Council decided that Mt. Tabor should do its’ part to reduce water usage during these drought
conditions and at the same time realize significant budget savings by replacing a large portion of the lawn with new landscaping more appropriate to Utah’s desert conditions. Those efforts, overseen by Rodger Cochran, were completed in mid-January.

Also covered elsewhere is the conversion of the closet opposite the sacristy to a communications
control center for our online services via Facebook. New, accordion style doors replaced the former wooden doors in order to facilitate traffic into and out of the sacristy and the sanctuary.

Ron Stone is continuing in his efforts to upgrade all of the fluorescent and incandescent lights at Mt. Tabor to LEDs. The new lighting is less expensive to use, is brighter and is cooler.

Ron also did a beautiful repair job on Pastor David’s office door, which had been seriously damaged by an intruder.

Harry Heightman
Building and Grounds liaison.