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Join the Utah Conference online for a Good Friday Service.  It is private and may be viewed starting Friday.

Since we are not able to gather in person as a community, I wanted to offer a couple ideas that you might do with your family or a friend as you gather on Wednesday nights – or any night of the week that works for you this Lenten Season.

  • The speakers who have been lined up to share on Wednesday night have been asked to tape their reflection so that they can still be shared with the Mt. Tabor community and beyone.  These videos will be available on the website. 
  • In his e-mail me to share during Lenten Wednesdays this year, Pastor David wrote this invitation around the theme, "Keep me as the apple of your eye."  (Psalm 17:7-8):  We are the apple of God's eye!  I invite you to give us your reflections on the one, or the ones, in your life who have "loved you into being the person you are today."  So many people never hear the words of unconditional positive regard and love that everyone craves from their parents or primary adult caregivers when they are young.  For those of us like that, the ones who made us "the apple of their eye", have embodied the unconditional love of God for us.  What were the words they used? What impact has that had on your life?

    For me, the process of thinking about the invitation and seeing what comes to mind and what comes out onto paper is the best part about being asked to share in this way.  It always ends up being a gift for myself – often taking me to places in my heart and head that I would have never visited on my own.  To that end, I want to invite you to consider his questions.  Write down your answers and share them with people in your family or a friend.  Who is a person who has “loved you into being the person you are today”?  If you want, take it even further and let the person who comes to mind know how they have made you feel.  What a gift to be able to express your gratitude! 

  • As I considered this theme, I was aware that there are people out there who do not have the experience of feeling like they are the apple of anyone’s eye.  For various reasons, they feel like this kind of love has eluded them in this life.  If you are a person for whom this feels true, I want to invite you to a different practice.  That is, practice holding people as the apple of your eye.  It is counter-intuitive, but so often we receive what we want the most by giving it away.  Who can you adore?  Who can you love unconditionally?  To whom can you deeply listen so they feel heard and seen?  In other words, who is the apple of your eye?  Is there a way to tell them they hold this special place in your life (a phone call?  Text? E-mail?  Letter?)?  What better time than now to let someone know how special they are to you?

    Peace, Pastor DanaLee