2021 Mt. Tabor Scholarship Recipients

The Scholarship Committee and the Endowment & Memorials Committee are pleased to announce that Emma Workman, Eric Jensen, Kenney Workman, and Thomas Jensen all have been awarded a scholarship in the amount of $1,200 each. Both committees wish these students the best for their continued academic success.

This is Emma Workman’s fifth time that she has received the scholarship but her first time as a graduate student. She completed her Bachelor of Arts of Health Sciences and is now starting toward a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Utica College in New York. (She already completed a summer semester towards her PhD and continues to maintain an exceptional academic record.)

This is Eric Jensen’s fourth time that he has received a scholarship. He is completing his super-senior year at the University of Utah and is pursuing a double major consisting of Bachelors of Science in Communications (Journalism) andEnglish (Digital Humanities). Of course, readers of the Tabor Trumpet will recognize Eric’s byline over the Faith and Sports commentaries.

This is Kenney Workman’s second time that he has received a scholarship. He is starting his sophomore year at the University of Utah and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business (Venture Capital). Given he brought a large amount of advanced placement credit into college, he is hoping that this gives him the flexibility to also earn a minor in Mathematics.

This is Thomas Jensen’s first time that he has received a scholarship. He started this fall at Utah State University (go Aggies) and is living in the prototypical freshman male dorm (Mountview). His current plan is to acquire an Associate of Science Degree in Business (Marketing) but, as a freshman, he is interested in investigating other degree options.

It is an honor that we are able to support these students with the scholarship. It is by your donations to the Mt. Tabor Scholarship fund, and with added support from the Endowment & Memorials Committee, that we can help these students reach their goals. Please remember the Mt. Tabor Scholarship fund when considering your donation to Mt. Tabor. Many contributors direct a small amount of each contribution toward the dedicated Mt. Tabor Scholarship fund, and from these gifts we were able to support these students.

Thank you, Mt. Tabor, for your caring and generosity. We wish these young people who grew up among our congregation success in the coming academic year and beyond.

Dave Warren, Scholarship Committee and E&M Chair