2021 Ministry Initiative:  IMC Neuro Critical Care Unit

Nurses are servants and helpers.Like Christ, they show us what love looks like, every day they report for duty.I can’t begin to imagine what they are going through right nowwhen the solution is widely available anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

The bread of Christ in all its many forms and manifestations,the bread that gives life to the world, is what we as the Body of Christ are meant to share with the world.                                                                                        

So my question is this:  What is the bread of life that we can share with the helpers?The nurses who are I believe, being unjustly asked to bear the burden of human selfishness in Utah? What can we tangibly share that’s as real and physical as bread with the nursing staff at IMC?

Mount Tabor has a direct connection with that nursing staff. His name is Jason Wyasket; a beloved and respected member of our congregation.  Jason is a Lead Nurse, or Unit Supervisor, at IMC.He oversees the quality of care given by his fellow nurses in the Neuro Critical Care Unit.

I believe he carries a tremendous weight on his shoulders . . . again.  And we are his fellow travelers on the Way of Christ.What can we do to support him and the nurses on the Neuro Critical Care Unit?

Prayer of course. But what tangible bread can we provide as well?  Won’t you please pray about this?And let me know what ideas come to you?      

Pastor David