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 2019 Mt. Tabor Scholarship Applications Available

Applications for the 2017 Mount Tabor Scholarship are now available and due at the church office by July 7th, 2019. Electronic application forms and detailed information about the selection process are available at the church website at www.mttaborslc.org. Paper copies of the application are available in the narthex.

Number of Scholarships and Amounts awarded will be dependent on the funds available.  Applicants must be active members of Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church (with allowance made for attending an out-of-town school) and must be starting or continuing their post-high school education. Previous recipients of the scholarship are eligible to apply; however, priority will be given to qualified students who have not received this support in the past.

Application packets consist of the completed application form, a one-to-two page personal essay, a copy of the student’s most recent school-issued report card or transcript, and two letters of support by non-family members. The essay must identify the student’s educational and career goals and discuss why the student has chosen those goals. In the essay, the applicant also must discuss how the scholarship will help the student live out their vocation and be in service to others.   The scholarship committee will give particular consideration to the thoughtfulness of the personal essay, the applicant’s enthusiasm and determination for reaching his or her educational goal, and the applicant’s participation in Mount Tabor congregational life, leadership, and volunteer activities.

The form, essay, a scanned copy of the report card, and letters of support may be submitted electronically to office@mttaborslc.org. In the email subject line write “Attention Scholarship Committee.” Send return-receipt so you will know your materials have been received. Supplemental materials and hard copies of any materials may be mailed or hand-delivered to Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church, Attn: Scholarship Committee, 175 South 700 East, Salt Lake City, UT  84102.

Atlantic Magazine essay on the future of the Roman Catholic Church 
(Received this from Liz Kuhlman, and passing it along - PD)
Hi Pastor David. I hope this message finds you and your family well 
and happy. I am sitting in our cabin with a fire going. It is in the 
40's and raining, but we are completely cozy and having a great time 
reconnecting with friends here.

I am sending a link to a magnificent essay in the Atlantic about the 
future of the Catholic Church. It has much to say for Lutherans as 
well, since Carroll is basically calling for a new Reformation. I 
have read other work by James Carroll ("Christ Actually"), and find 
his writing both passionate and lucid. The adult group might want to 
read this article. 

Warm greetings to Kirstin and your children as well as to the Mt. 
Tabor community. Liz Kuhlman