• Sharing the Peace
All in-person Mount Tabor activities have been suspended through November 30.  We are in contact with Bishop Jim Gonia of the Rocky Mountain Synod, and our own Utah Department of Health for the latest updates on how we as a congregation can participate in the mitigation of this epidemic.  Thank you for living God's love in this important way!

Zoom Worship Service Sunday September 13 at 10:30am.  Zoom link will be emailed to everyone.
Virtual Small Groups:  Deb Elstad is forming small groups for members of Mount Tabor to visit with each other, using the Zoom meeting platform that you can use on your cellphone or laptop.  If you'd like to join one of these groups, please send an email to Pastor David at pastor@mttaborslc.org(link sends e-mail)
Prayer Requests:  If you have someone you'd like to add to the prayer list, please email Brenda at office@mttaborslc.org
Watch the video Thank You's from our Tabor Scholarship recipients on the Mount Tabor Facebook page!  Eric, Kenney, and Emma all express their gratitude for your support!
On Sunday, July 19, your church council created a new staff position at Mt. Tabor. The title is "Church Music Specialist" and was offered to and accepted by Bob Brown. Bob has worked tirelessly during our pandemic shut-down to provide music for our on-line services. In addition to playing, he has arranged music for the services and rehearsed with singers Aly Olsen and Mallory deForest to present hymns and special music. 
The council also extends special thanks to Aly, Mallory and Shem Greenwood for their contributions to Sunday services. Mt. Tabor is indeed fortunate to have so many talented people to provide stability in this unpredictable time.
September Birthdays

  1    Rebecca H., Kyler K.                             15   Lee K. 

  4    Philip A.                                                 19   Nicole S.  

  5    Lawrence A,, Taylor H.                        20   Shauna M. 

12    Dean H.                                                   24   Aly O-T.

13    Lanea B.                                                  29    Anne M. 





Congregation Council

Council is meeting online.

Utah Food Bank    

There will be no sorting food at the Utah Food Bank until furthuer notice.