• Sharing the Peace

All Mount Tabor activities for the month of April have been suspended.  See letter from Council President Sarah Lange.

Worship services at Mount Tabor are suspended until further notice.  Please see the Mount Tabor Facebook page for the "Sunday Roundtable Reflections" post, where you can view the livestream worship from Tabor every Sunday at 10:30am.  We are in contact with Bishop Jim Gonia of the Rocky Mountain Synod, and our own Utah Department of Health for the latest update on how we as a congregation can participate in the mitigation of this epidemic.  Thank you for living God's love in this important way!
Virtual Small Groups:  Deb Elstad is forming small groups for members of Mount Tabor to visit with each other, using the Zoom meeting platform that you can use on your cellphone or laptop.  If you'd like to join one of these groups, please send an email to Pastor David at pastor@mttaborslc.org
Your Financial Support for Tabor:  The most practical and prudent way of maintaining our financial health and well-being as a congregation in these times is by using the Simply Giving automated offering program.  We won't be gathering physically for the time being, but we can still support God's on-going work at Tabor in this practical way.  To participate in Simply Giving, go to our website (mttaborslc.org) download the form, sign and either email it to Brenda Wardle (office@mttaborslc.org) or mail it to her at Mount Tabor, 175 South 700 East SLC, UT 84102. You can always mail your offering check to the church, where it will be recorded and deposited as usual. Thank you so much to all of you who have been generously supporting Mount Tabor's ministry in these extraordinary times.  You are a blessing!
Visit the Mount Tabor website homepage for links to on-line devotional sites, and our own "Video Vespers" page.
April Birthdays

  4   Thomas Bass, Brad Greenhalgh

  9    Marilyn Eskridge

13    Amelie Bennett

22    Sue Hansen




Congregation Council

Council is meeting online.

Utah Food Bank    

Food sorting is postponed.  

Mount Tabor Deadlines

The Tabor Trumpet deadline is the 20th of the month. Weekly bulletin information and announcements need to be in the office by Wednesday.