The Refugee Ministry of Cristo Rey Lutheran Church in El Paso

Our mission partner and sister congregation in the Rocky Mountain Synod has a vibrant and important ministry on the US/Mexico border.  Here is an update on their work from their pastor, Rev. Rose Mary Sanchez-Guzman:

“In January 2017, the Central El Paso Community Organization (CEPCO) and Cristo Rey started a new “Refugee Ministry.”  We provided hospitality to 197 asylum-seekers released by immigration authorities in 2017, and over 600 in 2018.  We provided shelter, food, and clothing, and we assist them in the process of contacting their families, making travel arrangements to reach their destination and reuniting with their families in the United States before they go before a judge to try their asylum claims.  They receive spiritual support from Pastora Rose Mary and from our Lay Pastor Juan de Dios while they stay in our church.  All of them receive a warm welcome from our congregation and are treated with dignity and love.

This has only been possible through a team effort on the part of the whole Cristo Rey community.  We are so thankful for other community volunteers and churches that have provided monetary donations, food, clothing, etc.  We are especially grateful to the Rocky Mountain Synod for providing monetary support in 2018 for our Refugee Ministry.  With your support, we were able to buy food, clothing, an additional stove, refrigerator, freezer, and other necessary items for this ministry.  The Refugee Ministry has changed our lives and we pray that other churches and organizations would feel the call of Christ to open their facilities to give hospitality to the asylum seekers.  In El Paso, we are currently receiving over 2,000 refugees a week and the need is great for more facilities, volunteers, and monetary support.”

Thanks to your generosity, Mount Tabor was able to contribute $1,402 in 2018 to the Refugee Ministry at Cristo Rey.  We hope to contribute more in 2019, beginning this Lent.

For more information about Cristo Rey, and how you can get involved please see: