Faith and Academics – Eric Jensen

On Sunday August Fourth I will be receiving the Mount Tabor Scholarship. If you miss the service no worries a carbon copy of what I will speak into existence is as follows “Thank you so much for this wonderful award and your generosity. I am truly grateful to you all for your continued support of my education. Also thank you for reading my faith and sports column in the news letter!” There you have it. My speel. Now I would like to go a tad longer as I am fond of my own voice but I hate long announcements so I will use this lovely platform to say a bit more.

One thank you for all your support. There are too many people to name in this article that I would love to thank for always being there for me. Tabor truly is my family, I have said it many a time the Jensen clan in Utah is all we have and so it’s nice to be able to lean on people in the church for that extra family crutch. Secondly thank you for reading the ramblings of a 20 year old. It is honestly crazy to me how many people actually like what they see and tell me about it. If I act shy or bashful when you do it’s because I am. I don’t think I’m that great but to have others tell me I have something insightful to say is always uplifting. I know I’m not in church a ton these days (guess I’ll explain that next) but if you have something you want to tell me about my article or some critique or a general Idea of something you would like me to weigh in on please shoot me an email . Also know it’s not a personal slight on you if I take a while getting back I am a college student whose working graveyard shifts I reply to things at very odd times. Which I suppose is a nice segway to leading in to where I work, I know there's no point to this yet consider this dispatch a “getting to know you” type segment to catch the rookies up on the playbook. I about six months ago took on a position at the radio station 1280 the Zone mainly producing Bees games and Saturday programming. Baseball like football never sleeps on the Lord's day so I am often launching a matinee game Sunday while others are at church. Then in the football season (as I promise) I disappear for long stretches of time to indulge in my greatest joy. Though I do miss church. There is something comforting about it. I feel at home and like I’m loved and protected. So when I do get an occasional Sunday off, or the Broncos have a bye, I like to head in to church.

Now what church has taught me leads into the actual part of today’s rambling. Which I promise is short as the prelude is long. How does faith play into Academics? Does it at all? What is the overlap? Now I suppose that depends on how you define faith. Now as I mentioned before I am 20 years old, I am still figuring that one out. The dictionary, however, my greatest confidante, defines Faith as total and complete trust in something. I would say I have total and complete trust in Prayer. Which is really where Faith and Academics combine for me. My use of prayer. I didn’t used to be a huge pray-er. I saved prayer for the church and the communion altar. Now though it has seeped into almost everything I do.

Especially when it comes to school. Before big tests, I pray. Before interviewing for a part time job while on campus, I pray. Before I have a big project due, I pray. Before I go into work, I pray. I pray a ton. I don't know why. It’s kind of almost become a good luck charm? Maybe that’s the wrong phrasing though as I believe there is very little luck that goes into prayer. I believe it’s a way of getting an all powerful Being in your corner, so to speak. Now in no way do I believe you can just say a prayer and something will happen. You have to put in some effort as well. For example, at points I struggle with panic attacks. Now I know how to handle them and am pretty good at it (if I do say so myself) but when I go into say a test I always pray that I don’t have a panic attack. I view it as less of an ask and more of a heads up: “Heads up God, things could get hairy but you got my back.”

As I write this I know less and less about what I think about prayer, and maybe I will tackle that in a later article. I believe in it though. I believe it works, I believe Someone is listening.