• Worship in the Park

Dear friends and siblings in Christ,

As you know, Utah and most of the West is experiencing an extreme drought. As Christians, we are tasked to be caretakers of Creation—or at least our small part of it. In this spirit of stewardship, the Council feels it is our duty to do our part to conserve water. We live in a desert, even in a “normal” water year, and our church lawn requires a lot of water. The Council has decided to focus our watering on the trees and the north lawn, allowing the west/south lawn to go dormant, or even die back. In that same spirit of stewardship, we feel the time has come to transition the west/south lawn to an alternative landscaping that eliminates the need to water a large lawn. There are many ways to create a landscape that looks good while also being water-wise. In the meantime, if you notice the west/south lawn turning brown, know that this is a deliberate decision and join us in looking forward to an exciting, new, water-wise property.


Sarah Lange

Council President