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 Stewardship 2020 Ministry Initiative!

Voting for our 2020 initiatives begins Sunday, November 3 and ends November 10.  The winner will be announced Sunday, November 17.  please see the poster int the narthex and use the colored stickers provided to cast your vote.
Here are the nominees:
Fisher House      www.fisherhousesaltlakecity.com/
Jordan River Conservation Project      https://jordanrivercommission.com/volunteer/      (K ylie's Jones-Greenwood)
YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter  www.ywcautah.org/what-we-do/safety/
The Other Side Academy    www.theothersideacademy.com
Our Stewardship Team is Stephanie Wilson, Bruce Palenske, Mallory deForest, and Pr. David. Please feel free to contact any of these volunteers if you have any questions!

Your Tabor Church Council is thankful for all of you who give so generously in a spirit of gratitude to God through our congregation!  We especially thank Rebecca Noonan Heale for her continued volunteer commitment and service as Tabor treasurer.  Below we present a report of of income and expenses at Mt. Tabor the past quarter.  Our hope is to continue to provide quarterly reports in the newsletter that help communicate  the health of our budget - both costs and income -  that lets us Live God’s Love in the World together throughout the year.   


January-September, 2019




Total Income:

$ 133,824.97

$ 133,876.85

Total Expenses:

$ 123,744.60

$ 120,690.05


*  Some parishioners gave a yearly donation in January.  In the income figures above, Rebecca has prorated these offerings.